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I recently stumbled onto Arcona Augmented Reality as I began researching how AR is currently being developed for everyday usage. From fashion designers and retail stores using AR to help people visualize products to factories using it to keep workers safe, application for this emerging technology are beginning to take off. The company is over 5 years old and until this point I honestly had not heard too much about it. The Arcona Augmented Reality press page sum up their goal well: “Our platform offers extremely simple and convenient tools for creating AR projects that will allow almost anyone to implement their ideas without special knowledge or programming skills.”. One of the most interesting portions of their website explains how the company has created a network of historical AR Parks in 6 different counties within Europe. This technology is definitely posed to grow over the next 5 years as the society becomes more and more integrated with Augmented Reality.

Their website explains how their platform coordinates many emerging and advanced technologies such as Geographic Information System, Computer Vision Technology and Artificial Technology. Although I still have a rudimentary understanding of the blockchain integration, it seems to provide a means of ownership for developers, artists and digital land owners. This seems like a great usage of blockchain technology as we are seeing headlines of companies such as IBM using the technology to allow for identity verification. In a future where ownership can be bought and sold seamlessly, being able to quickly move rights through cryptocoins seems pretty intuitive. I was able to find their coins trading on the exchange under the name Arcona. It seems to have 0 volume on the day that i checked and is paired with ETH. A whitepaper is available on their website to get a better understanding of the coin and its Goal Summary and Rationale.

As a technology, the below video on Youtube gives a very cool and modern take on Augmented Reality in the modern world. Companies like Google have begun created the next generation of Augmented Reality glasses. In order to allow an open development environment for the new AR glasses, a comprehensive platform will be important. The best way to think of the ideal platform would probably be most similar to the App Stores on Android and Iphone. This would allow all scales and types of developers to provide new and creative applications for the new hardware.

The link to the Arcona Augemented reality app is available on the companies website. The development team associated with the app seems to be PilgrimXXI OOO. Although the APP on the apple app store looks to not have any ratings yet, it does seem to have been recently updated only 2 days ago. Over the last 3 months I see about 9 updates, which means it is actively being worked on. I expect to hear more about this platform in the near future as Arcona grows their ecosystem and user base. I will continue to follow the updates and provide any more information I receive here in the near future.


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