Augmented Reality Jobs – What jobs use AR?

The best way to break up the list of augmented reality jobs is to separate: jobs that use augmented reality and actual augmented reality developer jobs. Even in the early stages of augmented reality, numerous jobs utilize it everyday. As large technology companies like Snap begin to invest more and more resources into Augmented Reality, the amount of augmented reality jobs in the field will only continue to grow. Other jobs that you probably didn’t think about when you thought of AR utilize in everyday. Example such as Construction, Manufacturing, Rehabilitation and even Advertising jobs have all begun to use AR. Let’s take a look at some of the categories of jobs that are already using this.

Augmented Reality Developer Jobs

Diving a little deeper into Developer jobs shows that working in this developing field can also be very lucrative. The job involves working with 2D and 3D modeling, simplifying complex technology into simple and interactive interfaces and being able to write and maintain code. Ziprecruiter lists the average Augmented Reality Developer job salary at over $99,600. This may sound like a lot of money, especially if we assume that the salary is associated with an entry level job. Realistically, we would have to view the locations of a lot of these jobs as I bet many of them are located in high cost cities such as San Fransisco and New York City.

Augmented Reality Advertising Jobs

One industry that is providing AR jobs in an interesting way is advertising and marketing. Certain brands of wines and even tomato sauces use advertising on the labels. Using augmented reality on labeling is a unique and interesting way to advertise a growing brand. Over time it is being viewed as a potentially cost-efficient means of making a product pop. Allowing for customers to interact with a product on their phones or smart connected glasses allows the potential further advertising and cross-selling. It also opens up the potential for creative and technologically savvy employees to work with this new technology.

Augmented Reality Construction & Manufacturing Jobs

Construction and manufacturing are two industries that are beginning to integrate in augmented reality. From a safety point of view, this new technology can allow workers quick warnings when they are completing a task the wrong way. For more complex constructions of products, AR tech can be used to show workers schematics while also allowing them both hands to complete a task. Imagine building something as simple as furniture and having your IKEA instruction on a screen on a pair of safety glasses. Being able to interact with your instruction manual at the flick of a wrist saves valuable time and effort. This example shows how useful and efficient Augmented Reality can be for a wide variety of jobs.

Augmented Reality Rehabilitation Jobs

Allowing a safer environment to help individuals heal from various conditions has always been the goal of Rehabilitation centers. This is true of everything from physical therapy to drug recovery therapy. This industry also benefits from the use of AR in a variety of ways. Physical therapists can use AR glasses to allow a better into the angles at which patients are completing different exercises. Drug recovery therapists can monitor patients vitals from a screen on their glasses, allowing them to maintain a better view of their patients conditions. Old age homes can monitor location of residents as well as have sensors for the event of falls. Medical professionals such as doctors or nurses can utilize this same technology while completing surgeries or even simple procedures. There are many jobs in this category that will benefits from ability to visualize and interact with real time data.

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