Best Virtual Reality Chairs on the market right now

When most people test out virtual reality for the first or second time, they stand in a room with a lot of space and don’t really think much about using a chair. As more and more consumers purchase virtual reality setups for their homes, chairs will become more important. Chairs allow users to fit their virtual reality and gaming rigs into a smaller space. In some scenario’s like playing fishing games or watching tv on the virtual reality headset, the user would definitely prefer to be sitting down. Different types of virtual reality experiences would also likely be suitable for different types of chairs. Luckily the virtual reality chairs on this were designed with all of this in mind. Some virtual reality chairs on the market even allow for autonomous movement in sync with the games being played. That means that you can actually feel the experience and increase the immersion. Imagine feeling like you were actually driving in a car as you are turning the wheel using your controllers. It reminds me of the roller coaster simulators that were popular at arcades in the early to mid 2000’s. Here is a list of the best virtual reality chairs that are not available. As this industry continues to grow and become more mainstream, more and more chairs will become available to the consumer:

1) Roto VR ($1499)
  • Sells both a Consumer Version ($1499) and Business Version ($1999).
  • Delivered in two cartons: Carton 1 includes the Roto VR Base, Roto VR Headtracker and VR Touch Pedals. Carton 2 includes Roto VR Seat, Headrest, Lumbar cushion, Arm Rests, Roto VR Control Box and Roto VR Double Rumble.
  • Features include a 360 degree rotating base with touch pedals (to allow you to walk in VR while in the seated position), RotoVR Cable magazine for cable management and Double Rumble vibration effects.
  • Supports all mobile VR headsets and Rift/Vive (Not Rift-S or Vive Pro)
  • Free Shipping
2) Yaw VR ($1499)
  • Standard edition available for $1499, Pro version available for $1999.
  • Kickstarter funded chair designed for virtual reality motion simulator.
  • Supports all popular Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Includes access to a Yaw VR Game engine that can connect to games such as Aerofly FS2, Dirty Rally2, Hyperstorm, Touring Karts and Warthunder.
  • Pro version includes the platform, shell, footrest holder, footrest, joystick holder, steering wheel holder, central holder, power cable and all screws for the setup.
  • At the time i checked, it was unfortunately back ordered for 30-50 days due to demand.
3) DIY Virtual Reality Chair
  • Cheapest option on the list by far.
  • May not be the option for everyone, especially individuals who are not comfortable working on mid-large scale projects. Part of the constructions could include cutting metals and woods, using nails and screws and joining different pieces of metals.
  • Cable Management systems will have to be designed prior to the building of the chair.
  • Can be built to support any virtual reality system on the market.
  • Reddit users have put together some very comprehensive guides to building the chairs. An experienced and handy person can likely put together the chair in a few days.


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