Dota 2 VR Hub – 2020 Update

The Dota 2 VR Hub was originally released in July of 2016. Upon my first view years ago, I could see this as the future of e Sports viewing at home. Dota’s site explains the details of the VR Hub and installation on their website here. With a lot of potential and an intuitive interface, the Dota VR Hub allowed you to watch live matches, replays and streams with 15 of your friends. It allowed you to immerse yourself in a real world view of ongoing games. You could create a Spectator Lobby (Either Public of Private) to watch with others. There was Hero Showcase which allowed you to view all the Dota 2 hero’s in life size on a central platform. The cool animations with the cool background made this an awesome feature. The actual game play could be viewed in a reasonable quality. Hero’s would be split between the two teams and perched on the left and right side of your view with a view of hero items and health/mana. The center of your view showed the lived game play similar to a normal live dota 2 match view. Hero net worth and difference in xp earned could be seen directly beneath you, to the left and right of the Dota 2 map.

Installation of the VR Hub is available as a DLC Section addon for Dota 2. It is a simple an quick install.

Dota 2 VR DLC

Does the Dota 2 VR Hub still work in 2020?

Unfortunately, although the dedicated page for the install is still available on the Dota 2 website, it is no longer maintained. You can still load up the VR version to see the shell of what it was previously, but cannot watch active matches. The Virtual Reality screenshot attached to this article shows that shell in February of 2020. It is tough to pinpoint exactly when it stopped working, but reddit users point out that it was likely in November or December of 2018.

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