Samsung Odyssey Plus Setup – A Complete Guide

After hours of research and price comparisons, I came to the decision that the Samsung Odyssey+ Headset was the best bang for the buck for me. Outside of the Odyssey+ value, I did a lot of research into Windows Mixed Reality which only had a roughly 11% Market Share in the middle of 2019. This means that not nearly as much information is available about Windows Mixed Reality. The Samsung Odyssey is one of many WMR headsets. Having had some trouble setting up my headset initially, I thought it would make sense to put together an overall guide on the Samsung Odyssey Plus setup that I will update over time (based on updates and such).
Pre – Setup
System Requirements and Expectation Setting

As I have mentioned previously, entry-level virtual reality gaming and experiences can be comfortably run on even a basic computer (assuming it has a decent graphics card). When it comes to Windows Mixed Reality this is especially true as Microsoft has done a great job of designing the interface to use a reasonable amount of resources. Before unboxing the headset or even purchasing it remember that there is a big difference between watching Netflix on your WMR headset and playing a high definition game. Look at the system requirements according to Samsung vs Skyrim VR for example. That massive difference between the Basic and Ultra requirements should explain what will and will not be possible with your current Virtual Reality PC setup. The Samsung Odyssey Plus Setup is intuitive and I have included instructions below for getting it all setup and ready to go.

Initial Setup and Installation

Samsung’s Initial HMD Odyssey Setup Guide

The Initial Samsung Odyssey Plus Setup is very intuitive.

  1. Connect the HDMI and USB 3.0 wire that comes attached to the Samsung Odyssey+ headset. Simplistic as this may seem, Windows could have trouble recognizing the headset or your device may not have an HDMI adapter. Keep in mind that if you are using a desktop you will want to have 2 HDMI ports (or at least 2 different display ports). This is because you will want to have a desktop to view and use when you do not have the Virtual Reality Headset on your head. Below are solutions to these issues:
Samsung Odyssey Steam VR Setup
  1. Now that Windows has recognized your device, you will need to install the Windows Mixed Reality app (or open the app if it is already installed).
  2. Check for and install any firmware updates for Windows Mixed Reality.
  3. Connect your controllers to the headset. (Hold the Home button to turn them on)
  4. Set up your Odyssey headset boundary in Windows Mixed Reality. This is extremely important, so I will go into more detail here. The boundary is ultimately the end of the walkable space that you are going to use in the Virtual World. An incorrectly set up and sometimes even correctly set up boundary will cause you to walk into walls, furniture and shelves. It is impossible to judge distance and location within the room once you have the headset on. My recommendation here is to start your boundary roughly one foot from your desktop screen and then very slowly move around the room in a square. Keep a roughly 1-1.5 foot distance from anything you could potentially run into, especially if you plan on playing any games where you may be wildly swinging your arms.
  5. Your headset is ready to go. I would recommend putting it on and completing the setup from within the headset and then taking it off for download content and finishing the remainder of the setup.
Installing Content for Windows Mixed Reality

Rather than walking you through the actual installations, I will walk through the different options for the installation of content within the Windows Mixed Reality application.

  1. Microsoft Store – Collection of integrated content (some of which you can find as default shortcuts when you first load into the default Home in Windows Mixed Reality.) These apps are native to Windows Mixed Reality.
  2. SteamVR – Probably the best place to download some incredible games for your Windows Mixed Reality device. See below for installation help.
  3. Oculus Store – To do this you will need both the Oculus App that can be downloaded from their website and REVIVE which can be downloaded here from github.
  4. 3rd Party Content – Content download and installed outside of these three stores.
Setting up Steam VR on Odyssey Plus with Windows Mixed Reality
  1. Make sure that Steam is installed on your computer and updated.
  2. Search for Steam VR Toolkit. It is under Library -> Tools.
  3. Finish Installation.
  4. Find “Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR in the Store.
  5. Install “Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR” App.
  6. Put on your headset. Click Home and Navigate to “SteamVR”. Drop a shortcut of SteamVR somewhere in your house.
  7. Tips and Tricks: SteamVR allows you to play games from your Library. Once you enter SteamVR using the shortcut, you will load into a new house specific to Steam. From that house, you can push in the toggle stick on your Odyssey+ remote to open the SteamVR library. You can also launch SteamVR games from the Desktop viewed in the Windows Mixed Reality home.

SteamVR installation

Other Troubleshooting and Tips for Odyssey Plus Windows Mixed Reality

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