Virtual Reality NYC – Where to test out VR in New York

On a cold rainy day roughly 2 years ago, I was sitting at home searching online for something interesting to do. An hour or two of TripAdvisor searching led me to researching Virtual Reality NYC rentals and how they worked. New York City has expanded the VR offerings across the five boroughs over the years. I highly having your first Virtual Reality experience at a location where there are people to actively help you get your footing. Luckily, there are many great options in New York City:
  1. Vr World NYC
    • Pricing – $44 for 2 Hour Pass, $64 for All Day Pass
    • Experience – Unique experience because they have individual stations with different VR “bays”. For example they have a race car area, sitting area and standing areas. You electronically queue up for the stations (one at a time) and then need to show up at the designated time. There are also benches and seating areas nearby for your friends and family to wait while you enjoy the experience. As with most VR setups, they have large TV’s with a view of what is going on inside the VR experience above the bay.
    • Vibe – They offer a bar menu with an interesting list of cocktails running in the $16-$17 dollar range as well as a list of beers.
    • Location – Koreatown, NYC

  2. Hubneo VR Lab
    • Pricing – Various options based on amount of players and experience. Website lists 1 Player and 1 Experience, 30 minutes for $25. Also offer membership cards for 5 Experiences at $22 per experience ($110 for the card).
    • Experience – Mixture of areas with variety of setups (racing, Omni and flight simulators). Less stations than VR World and trip advisor mentions attentive staff.
    • Vibe – Looks similar to the inside of a basement (but does that really matter when you are visiting to experience VR?)
    • Location – Lower East Side, NYC

  3. VRbar
    • Pricing – $28 per 30 Minute increment per person
    • Experience – Small storefront in dumbo with a handful or virtual reality standing setups. Attentive staff due to less setups allowing for more tutorials (especially in the off-peak times).
    • Vibe – Quiet and more relaxed vibe. Possibly a good place for your first experience.
    • Location – Dumbo, Brooklyn

  4. YokeyPokey
    • Pricing – $25 per 30 Minute increment, $40 per Hour, $60 for 2 Hours.
    • Experience – Kid Friendly “VR Arcade”. Allows Walk-ins. Review on yelp speak a lot to birthday party’s.
    • Vibe – Similar storefront vibe to vrbar.
    • Location – Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.


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